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What we learned about Miranda and Dierks

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What an awesome concert Friday night!   Miranda and Dierks both put on awesome shows and both were gracious and fun to be with before the show.

I had the fortune of spending some time with both of them.  Dierks on his bus and Miranda in her "Vibe Room" backstage.  We learned some new things....

1)  Dierks wore WWII boots on stage.   He likes to wear well worn things and has an assistant that searches for thing he'll like.   Boots were well worn and Dierks showed us the name of the soldier that had written his name on the inside of the boots.
2)  I wore my jacket that Zac Brown gave me that said "Zac Brown Band Radio Crew" on it.  It was the first time Dierks saw a jacket like it and he loved it.  Told his road manager that they should do the same thing.  I'm keeping a hanger in my coat closet free just in case....
3)  Oldest thing in Dierks bus fridge:  a really old bottle of mayo or bottle of relish.  He couldn't remember which.
4)  Dierks had trouble pulling something out of the small freezer in the bus fridge.  They're kinda like a bigger dorm fridge.   Freezer part was all frosted over.  Turned out to be an old ice pack that you would put on a sore muscle.
5)  Dierks and some band members spent most of the day playing a brand new X-Box game they just bought.
6)  Miranda was thrilled to be on Project Runway.  She didn't watch alot of the shows before but when they asked her to be a celebrity judge she watched alot of old episodes so she'd be prepared.   She said the day was realllly long when they filmed her show.
7)  Heidi Klum smells good.  
8)  Heidi is also really nice and sweet.
9)  She met Ashley Monroe when they were both new artists on Sony Records.  Miranda said she didn't want to like her at first because she was another new pretty blonde and it was competitive.  She met Ashley and fell in love with her.  They're best buddies now.
10) The boots she wore on stage were a gift from new artist Gwen Sebastian.
11)  When I asked her about being a country superstar, business owner, new show line coming....what's next??  She said she wants to be like Reba.  She wants to be successful in a bunch of different things.
12)  When she was a brand new artist, I brought her in for a big show I did ever year in the fall.  She was the opening act.  She remembered the night and told me "I opened for Rachel Proctor"  Blew me away because I couldn't remember who else played the concert.   I also brought her in for a St Jude Jam and she was the opening act of 4 artists.  Her first CD came out the following week and she had blogged on her website that she always wanted a bus advertising board.  So we had one made with her picture, CD name and "coming Tuesday".  Made a bench like a bus bench.  She remembered it and said "We took it home on the tour bus".  She did.  Amazing memory and real thrill for me that she would remember me from years ago.
13)  She hadn't been home for 3 weeks and was looking forward to the next couple of days.  Her show on Saturday was in Tulsa and her and Blake's home is only about 2 hours away.  She was excited to go home.
14)  She brought two of her dogs on the road with her this time.
15) She gave me a huge hug when we were leaving so she could get ready for her show.   She smells good too.


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