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My Irrational Fear caused me to be late for work

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So I left a few minutes early for work today.  Had a project to start work on.   Got to within a few minutes of the Giant KTTS Broadcast Complex.....and had to turnaround and go home.


I had this overwhelming fear that I forgot to turn off the coffee pot.  I couldn't remember if I did turn it off so I had to turn around, drive all the way home, just to check to see if it was off or not. wife leaves for work before I do every morning unless I leave reallllly early.

Instead of early, I was 10 minutes late.

Don't know why, but I've always had this overwhelming fear of leaving something on and the house burning down.

Before leaving for any extended period of time, I have to check the stove to make sure it's off.  I always check the coffee pot.  If my wife has used her curling iron or hair straightener, I check to make sure it's unplugged.

And so this morning, a few minutes away from arriving at the office, I had this sinking feeling that I forgot to turn off the coffee pot.

Turned around, drove home, walked in the kitchen....and it was already off.

Do you have any irratioinal or uncontrollable fears???

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