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Snow?? Yay!!

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Maybe it's the kid in me that grew up in Wisconson.  Maybe it's because I haven't had a chance to use my snow shovels in a very long time.

But I'm kinda looking forward to a decent snowfall.

I lived most of my life in Wisconsin.   I actually liked winter when it was in the high teens or twenties and we'd get a good snow. 

Loved making snowmen, sledding with the kids, playing in the backyard with the kids and dog.

Some of my fondest memories are getting all bundled up, sledding, then peeling all the wet coats, mittens, hats,and boots at the front door and sitting down to a big mug of hot chocolate.

Marshmallows of course.

Questioned why I lived in the upper midwest when looking at the ten day forecast and it was never going to get above zero.  

So, I'm kinda looking forward to some snow.  Dig out the shovels and get some good excersize shoveling.  Maybe enough snow to make a good snowman?


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