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Celebrities do what to their bodies??

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Here's what some of the stars are doing to their bodies this week in preperation for the Oscars:

--Getting $2,000 diamond particle facial scrubs
--Getting skin peels, green tea face masks and red-and-blue UV light therapy treatments to prevent acne
--Some are preparing with hydrocortisone injections which are designed to get rid of acne and blemishes
--Many female stars have been getting ice facials to tighten their skin.
--Some have gotten bee venom masks.
--Stars will be plumping their lips with cinnamon oil.
--Some will be putting panty shields under their arms to keep sweat away from dresses and tuxedos
--Some stars are using Preparation H under their puffy eyes.
--Some stars are getting Armpit Botox to prevent sweating.
--Professional bronzers, who carry portable tanning sprayers, will be at the Oscars for touch ups



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