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What we learned about Zac Brown Saturday

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My job is awesome!   I am lucky enough to get invited to some really cool, special things and I am so grateful.  Saturday I had the opportunity to not only hang at the Zac Brown Band Eat N Greet but also I was honored to spend some time on Zac's bus before the concert.  Some things we learned about Zac and the band....

1)  They've been doing the Eat N Greet for  years now.   Zac is a really good chef himself, owns a restaurant, and as he explained to everyone in attendance:  It's the band's way of thanking fans.  He's always felt that barriers are taken down when you enjoy a meal together.  Basically, they have a semi that is filled with high end restaurant equipment along with a chef that travels with the band.  They shop locally and prepare a feast.   As you enter the room, the entire Zac Brown Band is there to greet you.  Kind of like a receiving line at a wedding reception.   You then go thru the buffet and sit down to eat some awesome food.  For an hour, Zac and band members walk around and take the time to talk with you.  Oh... I forgot to mention, the band serves the food!

Some things we learned during the Eat N Greet and on Zac's bus:

1)  Some of the food was purchased and recipes used from Harter House.
2)  I asked Zac whose idea it was to have the band serve food.  He said it was his.  When I joked that the band might give him a hard time, he said that the band thought it was a great idea and loves doing it.
3)  When we went up on Zac's bus, we met Zac, his 6 year old daughter, and his dog.   Zac is clearly an awesome father.  We didn't really talk about radio or records was family talk time.
4)  Zac's daughter loves gymnastics.  She showed off some good skills, using dad as her own personal gymnastic apparatice.  Zac is clearly in shape.  He held her up while she did the jungle gym thing.
5)  Madagascar 3 was on the big screens when we walked on the bus.  Dad and daughter were watching the movie.
6)  His dog is a very protective dog.  If Zac is on the bus, he's all cuddly.  But someone asked him if Zac wasn't on the bus and just his daughter was would the dog protect.  Zac said without hesitation "Yes".   He's a sweetheart of a dog, but very protective of all 3 of Zac's children.
7)  When Zac learned that we were doing our St Jude Radiothon this week, he asked how could he help.  We told him something personal signed would be awesome to use for our auction.  He thought for quite awhile and opened up a drawer.  It was a drawer filled with hats he wears on stage.  He pulled one out and signed for us.  Look for us to make that available for you to acquire during our St Jude Radiothon this week.   A real Zac Brown personal hat from his tour bus signed by him!
8)  Zac and his daughter went to Bass Pro Shop during the day
9)  Zac and his daughter also went to Build A Bear during the day and she made a new bear.
10)  I wish I would've know more about his Southern Ground charity when we were on the bus.  When he told the crowd during the concert that the charity benefits children with developmental disabilities like Autism, Aspergers, and ADD I was blown away.  My son is autistic and I wish I would've known so I could've thanked him for donating his efforts to kids like my son.

Zac is an awesome guy.  Very polite, personable, down to earth, and a true family man.   He's one of the kindest, caring artists I've ever spent time with.   I'm trilled with his success.

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