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Crazy things to wager on at the Super Bowl

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Oddsmakers will set a line on just about anything when it comes to the Super Bowl.  Here are some more interesting things:

--How many times "Harbaugh" will be announced during the game
--Length of the handshake between Harbaugh brothers after the game
--Times father Harbaugh will be shown during the game
--How long it will take to sing the National Anthem
--Will Beyonce's hair be straight or curly
--Color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach
--Will Beyonce' use a hand held mic or headset during her first song
--Will both Harbaugh brothers wear hats
--Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first
--Which Harbaugh brother will be shown first after the National Anthem
--Will the coin toss result in heads or tails
--Which team will win the coin toss

Of course, these are all just for discussion purposes.  :)


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