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Things we learned backstage or on the bus at the Rascal Flatts concert

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What an awesome concert at JQH Arena Saturday night!  I had the privilege of getting to spend some behind the scenes time with Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, and Kristen Kelly.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to have some one on one time with the artists.  I wanted to share some things with you....

1)  All the guys from Rascal Flatts still hang with all the actors from CSI.  They were in an episode where Jay got electro-shocked and to this day they still get together with some of the actors.  Jay told us that whenever they are in Los Angeles, Marg Helgenberger comes to their hotel and has drinks with them.
2)  Speaking of acting, look for Rascal Flatts to be in a mini-series about the Civil War.  Not only will they act but they will be contributing some of the sound track.  They start work on it in late spring.
3)  Joe Don's daddy came up on the bus.  He still looks like the proud pop when he's around his son and the radio geeks.
4)  Gary and Jay were in musical theater when they were growing up.
5)  Gary wore his Ohio State jacket before the show.  He's friends with AJ Hawk who plays for the Packers and went to Ohio State.   AJ and a bunch of Packers went to their Green Bay concert earlier in the week.
6)  Gary is friends with Tim Tebow.
7)  Gary used to work with disabled kids.  Our son is autistic so we had a good conversation about his work with kids.  My wife whispered in my ear that she was now in love with Gary.  I'll have to keep those two apart :)
8)  The Band Perry's dad came up on the bus to watch them perform for our contest winners.  He looked like a proud pop too.
9)  The Band Perry are awesome, genuine, and friendly.   They asked Curly and me what were popular things about Springfield that they could mention on stage.  Curly told them Springfield style Cashew Chicken.  I told them Bass Pro Shop.  They mentioned on stage.
10)  The Band Perry remembered playing JQH Arena with Brad Paisley the previous year and told us to look for big changes in their show from a year ago.
11)  The Band Perry are doing a photo shoot on 1/14 in Alabama.
12)  Kristen Kelly doesn't have much time to do stuff while on the road.  But she did go shopping the day before and bought the boots she wore on stage.
13)  Kristen Kelly likes to run the steps at the arenas they play concerts.  Keeps her in shape.

All three artists were just so down to earth.  Made all of us feel like they were our friends.  Good people.  Good times.

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