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Things we learned about Birthday Artists

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I love events like the KTTS So-Mo Farm And Ranch 40th Birthday Bash!  Not only do we get to spend time with you, but intimate multi-act concerts have some really special moments during the day.

Phil Vassar, Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett, and Lauren Alaina are all friends and know each other, but they don't always play at the same concerts.   It's really cool to be in the Green Room to see them together catching up and getting some time to spend together.   Here are just a couple of things we learned from the day:

1)  Phil travels with at least 5 different keyboards and decides which one to use.  I'm not sure what makes him choose a specific keyboard to use, but the rack that the keyboards are stored in is just awesome and huge!
2)  Lauren must have been a cheeleader at one time.  She and Nancy Simpson were trading kicks and karate moves and I thought I heard Lauren mention something about cheerleading.   Lauren can kick her leg above her head!  Wouldn't want to get her angry....she'd kick me into the next county.
3)  Randy, Thomas and Lauren were jamming in the Green Room and started writing a song.  I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the lyrics in a future song from one of them.
4)  Lauren and Thomas were singing as loud as they could "How Country Feels" just outside the door to the Green Room.  Randy was outside signing autographs and taking pix with fans and they were trying to get him to laugh.
5)  Lauren's mom does travel nearly everywhere with Lauren.  I had a chance to sit with her and Lauren's record company reprsentative in the restaurant.  She's a proud momma and a sweetheart.  Lauren looks alot like her mom.
6)  Phil plays at every one of the Tennessee Titans home games,  He has to fly back from concerts some times in order to get back to Nashville to play at the games.  He has a concert in Colorado this weekend and has to fly from Denver to make the next game this weekend for instance.
7)  I've never played a guitar. Thomas tried to teach me how to play a G chord.  I failed miserably.
8)  One of the coolest things I've seen:  one of our raffle ticket winners was backstage and she is an aspiring country singer.  She mentioned it and all the artists asked her to sing.  She nervously started singing "Amazing Grace" and all of them joined in.  It was breathtaking hearing Phil, Randy, Thomas, and Lauren all singing at the top of their lungs with one of our listeners.  Just a very special moment.
9)  Nancy Simpson, Curly Clark, and several other KTTS Staff members are now all in love with Phil Vassar!   You shold have seen them all dancing to his music side stage.  I haven't seen some of those moves since the famous "Elaine dancing" episode of Seinfeld.

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