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Carrie Underwood.....things we learned

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I, along with many KTTS contest winners, had the amazing opportunity to hang with Carrie Underwood before her concert.  It was a special opportunity to get to know Carrie a little bit better.

Here's a couple things we learned about Carrie:
1)  She hasn't picked out her dresses or outfits for the CMA broadcast yet.   She said she had a couple of fittings for a bunch of dresses weeks ago, but hadn't decided what to wear yet.
2)  When asked how she stays in such great shape, she kind of giggled and said she didn't feel like she was in shape right now.  She explained that being on the road, it's difficult to work out.  She was thankful that MSU let her and the crew use the student center facilities.  She worked out during the day and played basketball.
3)  If she hadn't become a singer/songwriter superstar, she would have liked to be in the media.  She said she took Mass Communications classes in college.  Lots of TV, Radio, and Journalism classes.  She would've liked to have done TV or radio.
4)  She doesn't have a halloween costume.  Too busy getting ready for hosting the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley on Thursday.  Will probably be in bed by 8 Wednesday.
5)  Although Brad Paisley is known for pranks, he's a perfect gentleman with her and the Awards show.  Brad knows not to be pranking Carrie at all with all her costume changes.  In fact he always sends her good luck flowers the day of the CMA Awards Show.

Oh.....Curly and I also got to hang with Hunter Hayes at a private meeting after his show.   (How lucky am I??)   He's a smart, genuine, down to earth, nice guy.  Really enjoyed spending time with him.  He loved playing at JQH Arena for you and appreciates your support.  Especially since,...wait for it.....he used to play in Branson!

He told us that years ago he used to do a matinee performance at the Mickey Gilley Theater!   He did a show with a comedian.  And,...when he has some free time, he wants to go back to Branson to visit and see how Branson has grown and changed.  He said alot of the new theaters and development wasn't around when he played on 76 strip.

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