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Reducing the Federal Deficit

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Summer Stevens had a good idea this morning.  She suggested that wouldn't it be a nice change of pace if they announced the winner of the Presidential election reality show style?  Imagine Ryan Seacrest standing between the two candidates and slowly and deliberately announcing the winner.  After a short TV break....

It got me thinking, maybe we should take a cue from reality television and sporting events to put a small dent in the deficit.  Product placement and sponsorships of the debates!

Imagine,....the McDonalds Presidential Debate brought to you in part  by Windows 8 and Budweiser.  There could be a Dr. Pepper bottle or glass on each candidate's podium.

Banners behind each candidate like at the football coaches press conferences with logos like Dunkin Donuts or Federal Express.

And to top it off, each candidate's suit could be all Nascar drivered up.  Imagine each candiate with logos all over their suits and ties.

All of the money could go to bringing down the deficit or maybe to something worthwhile like cancer research or autism research.

Just an out of the box idea......

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