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What's with all the pillows??

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In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice....

"What's the deal with all the pillows"??

As I was making the bed this morning, it occured to me again.  What is it with women and pillows?

My wife has 3 pillows to sleep with.   Then we have matching pillows to place on the bed, but those are just for decoration and come off every night.

6.  Count 'em...6 decorative pillows.

4 huge ones.  2 small ones.  And they all have to perfectly match the decor of the room.

We have a loveseat with 5 pillows.  Again, they all have to match the decor.

We have a couch with 6 pillows.   Again, they all have to match the decor.

My college daughter has the same thing going.

Is this just a thing with my wife and daughter or is this a girl thing?

Help me when we change couches or paint color.  Cuz that will mean new pillows.

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