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Phil, Randy, Thomas, and Lauren....OH MY!

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This party is going to be HUGE!   The KTTS So-Mo Farm and Ranch 40th Birthday Bash on December 12th at the Ramada Oasis Convention Center!

I am thrilled for you to see all four artists in an intimate venue!   Phil Vassar is one of the best entertainers period.   Not only does he have so many hits of his own to sing, but he's written so many hits for others that you're guaranteed to be able to sing along to every song.   And,....he's one of the most energetic personable people I've ever met. 

When someone asks me about my favorite concerts, Phil performing for my radio station in Mexico is one of my all time favorites.  I used to work for a radio station in Wisconsin and we would do trips with listeners in the middle of winter to someplace warm.  We also would bring along an artist or two to perform while in Mexico.  Phil was supposed to perform for about 30-40 minutes but ended up playing for 3 hours because he was having so much fun!  

I'm also looking forward to having you see Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett, and Lauren Alaina.   Randy is an incredible singer/songwriter and he's another outstanding performer!  Thomas is a newer artist but already has a couple hits out on KTTS.  And Lauren has such a powerful voice and she's such a mature young artist from her days on American Idol!

Details will be coming Monday October 8th on where and when you can start picking up your FREE tickets to celebrate our 40th Birthday!  Don't miss this incredible party!

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