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An open letter to Roger Goodell

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Dear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

I've been a fan of the NFL for my entire life.  I can remember watching Super Bowl IV as a young boy and watching the Kansas City Chiefs dismantle the Minnesota Vikings.  I remember sending my dad off to watch the Ice Bowl in Green Bay.  He was wearing every bit of winter clothing he owned.

I own many NFL Films DVD's.  I own Packer jerseys.  My family has been season ticket holders for the Green Bay Packers since they opened Lambeau Field.   I am a Packer Stockholder. 

Technically I am an NFL Owner.

Your cat and mouse game with the regular NFL Officials has to stop.


The replacement officials are not prepared nor talented enough to officiate the speed of the NFL game.  Doesn't mean they are not good people.  Just means they are not qualified to officiate the most popular sport in America.  Most of these officials were not good enough to officiate major college football.

You talk about the integrity of the shield.  The integrity of the game.   Using these officials has put a huge black mark on the game I love.     I hold my breath everytime a flag is thrown.  Hoping  an overmatched replacement official doesn't change the outcome of the game.

It finally happened.   My Packers lost a game they should have never lost last night.  

I understand human errors happen.  But this was such a gross error of judgement and a comedy of errors that you and the owners are ruining the game.  Not only are these officials not qualified, they don't know many of the NFL rules well enough to be on the field.

This loss for the Packers was directly a result of your replacement officials.  It potentially could cost the Packers a Play-Off spot.  If Seattle and Green Bay tie for a wild card spot, Seattle wins the tie breaker because you couldn't get a deal done with the regular officials.

I love the NFL.  But I don't love it as much today as I did a month ago.

Lock all mediators, negotiators, yourself, whomever,...and get a deal done today with the regular NFL officials.  Nobody comes out of the meeting until a deal is completed.

Enough of this circus we call replacement officials.

End it now.


An NFL Fan


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