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Darius Rucker is even cooler!

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I've always thought Darius Rucker oooozed cool.  Now I think he's even cooler!

Darius, like alot of guys, has a customized ManCave.   But Darius takes his to the coolness extreme!

Darius is such a huge football fan, that he has installed SEVEN TV's in his ManCave!  So that he can spend his free Saturdays and Sundays lounging around all day watching football!

I would imagine it's like going to your favorite sports bar and being able to watch any game you want!   And,...he can turn up the sound of any game's play by play!  

Plus he has TWO computers at his fingertips so he can keep up with all his Fantasy Football teams!

If I had the money and the room for a ManCave....this is the kind of ManCave I'd build.

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