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  • Colder weather brings...


  • Phishing is messy stuff!

    What kind of a person spends his or her time trying to find ways to rip off other people? How low do you have to go before you take money from little old people or people already so broke they can't afford to lose any more? And really, money is all phishing is really all about, right?

  • Did ya notice...

    The Cardinals won?

  • Life is Good... and I'm not bald!

    Because, that was the alternative if I didn't get my behind into the salon and get this mop on my head cut!

  • Yes I said it!

    "Okay, I officially do NOT like it when the St. Louis Cardinals do well. In fact, I am cheering AGAINST them!" And, it's all Don Louzader's fault!!!

  • Parent Trap?

    It's kind of like when you fall in love. You think everything is wonderful, your relationship will always be blissful, you will live happily ever after! I think it's actually some chemical reaction in the brain that makes you deny reality. Anyway, it's the same when you have children. Those babies just make you fall in love! You look at those little faces, those chubby thighs, that little coo and gurgle and you can't even imagine life with a teenager! You just KNOW life will always be magical and you will be Parent of the Year.

  • How to get a teenager to clean a bathroom.

    It only took 18 years, but I finally figured it out.

  • It's already begun...

    and I can't stop myself!

  • Could it be more perfect?

    The past couple of weeks have been amazing! Beautiful sunny days, mild temperatures, cool breezes, just enough chill at night to make sleeping absolutely dreamy. I want it to stay like this forever!

  • Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie for breakfast!

    The cooler mornings make me think I need something different for breakfast. Something rib-stickin'.

  • I kinda liked it!

    It may be because I am desperate for something to watch, or maybe I am just a sap.

  • Yes! I'm unstopped!

    And yes, I'm talking about the downspout that was all clogged up. (what were you thinking?)

  • Okay, so I don't like worms...

    Yes, I went to Gaston's White River Resort in Lakeview Arkansas with Rick & Summer this past weekend. Yes, I went fishing... well, sort of... I got in the boat and I helped untie it from the dock and I even held a fishing pole for about a minute. But, no, I didn't fish. THOSE WORMS WERE GROSS! And they forgot to bring a fish towel, so they were really dirty, but I was not! It WAS a glorious day. Perfect temperature, beautiful sunshine, nice breeze and the scenery was the most georgous I have ever seen. So, even though I didn't fish, I truly enjoyed the ride in the boat!

  • They Call Me the Food Police...

    A couple of co-workers and I wait every week for Wednesday... not because it's "Hump Day" but because it's Grocery Store Sale Ad Day! We race to the newspaper or Penny Power (if it arrives on time) to see what's on sale.

  • Abraham Lincoln was right.

    He's the one who said, "most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." So true! I believe happiness is a choice... not an easy one, but it IS a choice. Don't get me wrong, I get depressed, scared, angry... just like everybody else. The difference is, I've come to believe ol' Abe.

  • Spiders? Or snakes?

    What's worse? For me, it's spiders. Now, I have to admit, I'm no sissy when it comes to spiders. I see one, I kill it, done. But the other day, I think one of 'em found me before I found him!

  • Guess I might just be too 'girly' for this.

    I tend to think of myself as more of a 'tomboy' than a girly girl. I don't do the manicures, pedicures or wear a bunch of jewelry. Heck, I don't color my hair! I know, that just isn't done these days... everybody colors their hair! Well, if it's gonna take regular maintenance, then I save my energy to maintain my health and the health of my cars!!!

  • Take time to look at the Whole Picture... they are NOT puppies!

    I don't know, maybe ignorance IS bliss when it comes to becoming a parent. When you are thinking of starting a family... having a sweet little baby... you really have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I know I didn't! And of all the people in the world, you'd think someone who had spent their entire life surrounded by kids, babysitting kids, watching older brothers and sisters raise kids (my oldest nephew was one year younger than me...) I would understand what it took to be a parent. Heck, I even had a couple step-children in my first marriage that I helped raise for five years... I knew what the day to day stuff was all about!

  • Do you think I was born yesterday???

    Okay, don't answer that. But, I truly hope that I am not that gullible!

  • I was robbed, plain and simple!

    I can't remember when I last took a sick day off from work. I am never sick! I get the occasional cold, but never anything serious. I can't remember the last time I needed an antibiotic for any reason!

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