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  • So... you may not believe it, BUT

    American Idol is losing viewers BIG TIME! And, guess who is rubbing their noses in it? Dancing With The Stars! They had 4 million more viewers than American Idol last week. Now, I usually like Dancing with the Stars, but the past couple of season's have been getting harder for me to watch... I get bored with all the behind the scenes stuff... just dance already! Anyway, I tend to just record the show and fast forward thru everything but the dancing and the final scores. I guess that counts, though, I am watching the show...

  • The word is OVER...

    Looks like OVER is the new catch word in country music... Miranda's new song is called "Over You"... her husband Blake Shelton has just released his latest, called "Over"... and now, Kenny Chesney has a new song from his yet to be released album called "Come Over"! And I'm getting OVERwhelmed by the word OVER!

  • What A Night!

    Another great event has come and gone for the year... Tapas & Top Hats, saluting Remarkable Mothers in the Ozarks was a wonderful success, raising over $48,000 for Camp Barnabas! The meal was delicious - totally created by the talented Camp Barnabas chef... no caterer needed! And the tribute to the 10 Remarkable Mothers brought tears to everyone's eyes. Kate Gosslin was a wonderful speaker and answered our questions with grace, humor and humility. If you missed out, then make plans to attend next year's event AND be thinking about a remarkable mother you would like to nominate.

  • Hang onto that Easter Bonnet!

    You might want to wear it to the 2nd Annual Tapas and TopHats Celebration May 4th at Remington's!!! More than 75 nominations were received telling the story of Remarkable Mothers from all over the Ozarks... we narrowed them down to the Top Ten and we will honor those mothers during this night of Fun, Food and Fundraising for Camp Barnabas. Hope you can make it... tickets are available now by clicking HERE!

  • Have you nominated your Remarkable Mother?

    It's the final week to nominate your Remarkable Mother! We will honor ten Remarkable Moms during the "Tapas & Top Hats" 2012... coming up May 4th at Remington's on Republic Road. This wonderful event is also a fundraiser for Camp Barnabas! Kate Gosslin will be guest speaker! Get those nominations in by Friday, March 30th... click here!

  • A Little "Did You Know"....

    I've known about Camp Barnabas for years, but am only just now beginning to understand the major impact it has on the children and families it serves with it's remarkable camping experience for kids with disabilities... Camp Baranabas gives these children a chance to feel normal, to experience a summer camp "just like everybody else"... and to challenge themselves to participate in activities they never dreamed they could do. BUT, they don't stop there, they also serve the siblings of these special kids.

  • Happy Valentines Day!

    You know, I can't think about Valentine's Day without thinking of Woody Justice... he and Justice Jewelers have helped us "Save The Men Of The Ozarks" each year by providing beautiful jewelry to give away for 18 hours straight! Well, this year, Woody's not with us for Valentine's Day... no funny, heartwarming visit to the station, no little gifts of gold-trimmed roses for the morning show, no booming laughter... and I miss him so much!

  • What is Tapas and Top Hats?

    That's what I wanted to know and so I asked! Tapas and Top Hats is a way for all of us to honor Remarkable Mothers... mothers who have contributed significantly to the fabric of our community by their selfless efforts to champion their children, and causes that benefit children. Ten mothers selected from those nominated will be honored on May 4th at Tapas & Top Hats benefiting Camp Barnabas.... a funfilled and Remarkable evening that will touch your life...

  • Okay, are we done with New Year Resolutions now?

    Into the new year by 24 days and I'm thinking we should either be well on our way to making those resolutions a daily part of our lives OR we should have just given up by now! Why do we try to make major changes in the dead of winter, anyway? People think they're gonna drag their behinds out of a nice warm bed, an hour early, to make themselves do something they certainly don't enjoy! Or, just when there is so little daylight, lots of cold weather and a definite need for some comfort food, you think you're going to eat like a rabbit? How silly is that! I'm thinking that we should save the resolutions for Spring instead of shooting ourselves in the foot during the most depressing time of the year... Gee, I think I'm channeling Andy Rooney!

  • What happened to 2011? Or 2010, for that matter....

    My mother used to tell me, when I was a kid and impatient to grow up, that I would regret my rush to adulthood... that after you get there, time moves at the speed of light! And as you get older, still, you simply blink and it's a new year! Well, as you might have guessed, I have decided that she is right... another year, or was it two? has passed. And I can barely remember what happened! I look at my children, reaching major milestones this past year... one off to college and the other driving... and I am amazed at how they went from babies to THIS! Seems like yesterday that I was lamenting over all the feeding, diapers, cleaning and sleepless nights... and then I blinked, and they are men! (Still making messes, but, men all the same). It reminds me of Trace Adkins song, "You're Gonna Miss This"... and it's so true... we miss our lives because we are too busy looking forward instead of enjoying the NOW. So, here's my New Year's Resolution... and my wish for you, too... may we slow down, pay attention and live in the Now Moment... there's so much joy here, if we just sit still long enough to notice. May your 2012 be filled with wonderful moments, and may you notice every one! Happy New Year!

  • You did it again!

    December at KTTS always means Christmas Crusade and this year was no exception. We've been asking listeners to sponsor needy children for Christmas for literally decades... and no matter how tough the times, you always come through! This year, 855 children will receive something under the tree all because somebody cared enough to say "Yes" and share their abundance with those in need.

  • Tree, what tree????

    Okay, I don't enjoy putting up a Christmas tree... so sue me! My sister thinks I'm some kind of Christmas Nazi or something! In order to put up the Christmas tree, you have to move furniture around to make room for it... then, you have to vacuum because there's so many dust bunnies where the furniture was that you haven't vacuumed in a year... THEN, you have to drag the huge box that the tree is in out of storage, up the basement stairs and assemble... takes forever and kills my back. Then, drag the big box of lights, ornaments and assorted tinsle up the stairs, too... THEN, you have to decorate it... untangling lights and taking all the ornaments out of their little boxes... get out the step ladder and make a million trips up and down, hanging everything just right... then, clean up the mess you made and vacuum AGAIN... HOW can that be fun??? THEN, you just have to turn around and do it all in reverse in a couple weeks!

  • Thanksgiving with family...

    For those that LOVE spending time with their extended families, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time, filled with food, laughter and love. For those that DREAD spending time with their extended families, Thanksgiving can be filled with indigestion, tears and anger. AND, every year can be different, depending on the level of dysfunction in your particular family... by the way, there is no such thing as a functional family, just ask Oprah.

  • New Invention!!!

    It JUST came to me as I was wishing I had a mirror so I could see what I was doing while brushing my hair... we need to invent a computer screen app that turns your screen into a mirror with the click of a mouse! How handy would that be! Maybe my smart computer savvy son will invent that and make Momma a million bucks....

  • Deer Season

    Well, I would never have guessed that it's deer season by the looks of things in MY neighborhood. Just this past Saturday afternoon, right there in front of a dozen houses and cars going by on the street, was a big buck just strolling... and I DO mean strolling... down the sidewalk! You could have just put a leash on him and called him Fido! Didn't bother to get in the street, just used the sidewalk instead! Guess he didn't get the memo on what day it was!!!

  • I'm thankful for Turkey!!!

    and thanks to my neighbor, I have plenty! My next door neighbor likes to cook whole turkeys every once in a while, but he only eats the white meat. Knowing that my children (the horses, I call them) are always hungry and prefer the dark meat, he ships the rest of the bird to our house. Of course, that means I have to de-bone the rest and scrub his roasting pan!!!! I don't know, but I think he just likes to have me do his dishes... ya think?

  • What's up with Gas???

    Now, there's a good question... and unfortunately, nobody has an answer! One minute it's finally dropped down to $3.02 and the next minute (literally) it jumps to $3.29... what's up with that? AND then, within a few hours, it's down to $3.19... THEN, back to $3.02... but wait, down the street it's jumped back to $3.27! There is no rhyme or reason and I'm beginning to think that somebody's just yanking our chain... what do we do? Occupy gas stations??? Now, there's a thought...

  • Facebook fighting!

    I have two boys, 2 and 1/2 years apart, so arguing and fighting have been a part of my parenting life since they started grabbing each other's toys. They are now teenagers, the oldest off to college... my house has gotten a whole lot quieter with the physical separation of the two. Much to my amazement, they found a way to argue... in front of mom... ANYWAY! And, as always, it's MY fault! I made the BIG mistake of commenting on a post by my older son on Facebook... that prompted a sarcastic post from the younger son about how sweet it was to have "mommy" comment on his facebook (the younger son won't be my friend...), followed by an angry sarcastic response from the older son on how he shouldn't comment until he was no longer living at Mom's house... which ended with the younger one getting in one last 'jab." I DID stop myself from stepping in with my two cents... actually I had more like two DOLLARS worth... Congratulations, Mom! Technology... keeping my children close!

  • Internet Dating

    Okay, who has done any internet dating??? I, for one, have not. Call me chicken, but I'm a little scared to put myself out into syberspace and then have to wade through any "invitations" that MIGHT come my way! My track record at regular dating has been pretty bad... broken picker, ya know... how could I possibly make good decisions on line? So, what has been your experience?

  • Happy Halloween!

    I remembered yesterday that I hadn't bought any Halloween candy... which was a good thing, since that means I had less time to eat it... so I make a flying dash to the "store" to get my stash for the kiddos. Well, those candy people are VERY tricky themselves! Those big bags of assorted stuff for $13 is NO bargain, if you ask me. I did the math, and I was able to get more candy by buying it in smaller bags. Yes, I got some chocolate, too!!! BUT, I mixed and matched the nerds and the Skittles (one of my personal favorites), three muskateers and reeses... and got more than if I'd bought the big "bargain" bag... I'm not gonna be tricked!!! Gee, I just hope I don't get too many trick or treaters... I better eat fast before they get there tonight...

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