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  • Call me the nosy neighbor...

    And, it's not even MY neighborhood! At least, not on my street... or even, my subdivision... but I DID drive past this house every day!

  • Frightening things happen when the lights go out.

    On Monday morning, after spending the weekend in Dallas and therefore getting no formal workouts in (just the half hour of wondering around Cowboy Stadium looking for my group after the concert was over, if that counts for something) I was determined to get on that treadmill and do a very energetic High Intensity Interval Training! That means I am running for 40 seconds and walking for 80, repeating this sequence nine more intervals. It IS the best way I have found to burn calories AND raise my metabolic rate in the least amount of time.

  • An Amazing Once In A Lifetime Experience

    Yes, I was there. Everybody is talking about George Strait's final concert and YES, I WAS THERE!!! I'm still trying to believe that I got to see history being made. Amazing!

  • Who thinks we're killing our planet?

    The latest? Baseball size hail in Nebraska and Iowa... tornados in New Orleans... the last week has been upper 80's to 90's in the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE right here at home! What's up with that?

  • Today, this is hard to believe.

    I know it's television, but when I bring this up to real people, they assure me that this stuff really happened! Again, "Leave It To Beaver" amuses and delights me, but at the same time, I can't believe the stuff kids got to do and their parents weren't arrested for Child Endangerment or Neglect.

  • Truth In Advertising?

    "Does she, or doesn't she?" No, I'm not talking about hair color, but I AM talking about my hair!

  • Homemade Stuff, Does It Work?

    If you've got Facebook, Pinterest or an email account, you've seen the recipes. Recipes for laundry detergent, bug spray, shower cleaner, teeth whitener and the list goes on. I am intriqued by these and I admit, I have tried a few. Some worked, others, did not.

  • Cool Facebook Shortcuts!

    Sometimes I get crazy chasing a mouse around the desk... and sometimes I get crazy dealing with the 'mouse' on my laptop. Let's face it, when computers started out, there was no mouse... I remember... and I still prefer just to use a keyboard. So imagine my delight when I came across an article about Facebook keyboard shortcuts!!!! Here's my favorites:

  • Shoes, shoes, shoes!

    How many pairs do you really need?

  • The Lies People Tell

    Apparently, according to the 'experts'. men lie six times a day and women lie only three times a day. So why and what are we lying about?

  • How much is that burger really costing you?

    ...and how long do you want to work so you can have it?

  • Ce Sera, Sera

    ...something I learned from my Mother! No, I'm not talking about singing, I'm talking about a philosophy for life. Let me explain...

  • Here's your friendly reminder

    It's tomorrow.

  • What do you want to be?

    ...when you grow up, of course!

  • Showing Off Can Hurt

    Sometimes we all like to prove that 'we've still got it', right?

  • OMG... there go the excuses!

    When it's this fun, how can you say no?

  • Attention Lake Going People!

    This sounds like a ton of fun that you'll want to check out: 4th Annual "Taste At The Lake" is THIS Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Port of Kimberling Marina.

  • The Signs of Spring....

    This past weekend I was reminded just what spring is all about... really.

  • Just How DO you Un-Friend a Friend?

    Better question, "WHY did you say Yes in the first place?"

  • Plumbers?

    I think I'll just call this my own personal "List"... (how does Curly's List sound?) like they advertise on television to get referrals on companies and such. Help me out.

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