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  • A sure sign of fall...

    or maybe I should say a sure 'smell' of fall... You'd think I was celebrating the first day of fall, but NO... it was my feeble attempt to appease my oldest son by baking him a birthday pie a full week before his birthday so he doesn't feel bad when he spends his first birthday alone, off at school, without his family to celebrate with him! My baby is growing up!

  • Let there be Peace On Earth...

    "Today is sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day. It’s dedicated to peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples.

  • I'll have what SHE'S having...

    ... yep, I'm a little jealous... AMAZED might be a better word... nope, jealous. Did you see "Country's Night To Rock" Monday night on ABC? More specifically, did you SEE Faith Hill? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR... she looked AMAZING! and in HG!!!

  • Everybody and their dog was there...

    Yep, I'm talking about the PBR... I personally know some people who went to the PBR ALL THREE DAYS this past weekend! AND, they went because they love it... they bought tickets... they dressed in their cowboy gear... and they stayed till the bulls went home! Now, that's bull riding dedication.

  • The sky is falling, the sky is falling....

    Well, it could be I guess... in my basement! Thank goodness my oldest, Arch, is away at college!

  • Lawn Mowing Momma...

    And, I don't want to be!!!!! I really worry that I have become a horrible mother because for the past two weeks, I have mowed my own yard... NOT my teenage boys! Now, don't get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful that the yard NEEDS mowing, BUT, now that school has started, my boys are just too busy to mow for me!!! OR, so they say...

  • Fire Pits... are the pits!

    I've got a complaint to register with Fire Pits... specifically, my neighbor's fire pit. At least, I'm assuming that's what he was using this weekend...

  • Make that Sixty-Five!

    And I'm NOT talking about my age... give me a break, I'm not THAT old! I'm talking about the proliferation of the Clark Clan... meaning, I now have SIXTY-FIVE nieces and nephews!!! I know, you may not believe that, but it's true! When you have six older brothers and sisters... all grandparents and even great-grandparents at this point, the numbers add up! (Yep, I was a big surprise when I showed up)

  • I have a "Show Room" Refrigerator!

    That's what my sister always called her fridge and I'm thinking that mine is too! Think about it, a showroom refrigerator has a couple plastic condiments, fruits and meats on those nice empty shelves, right? Well, there ya go, that's my refrigerator! Now, don't get me wrong, I DO buy groceries, it's just that with two growing boys, they don't last very long... and I'm discovering that's probably a good thing... here are some interesting NON diet tips that I just discovered and I'm thinking that I've been doing it right all along.

  • So... are you happy?

    And I'm not talking funny, laughing all the time smiling type of happy, but deep down to your soul, content with yourself, happy. Now, that's a big question, one most people have to stop and really think about. Do you just 'get through' your days, living for some 'thing' out there, in the future? The next weekend, next vacation, next date? Maybe you're looking forward to a wedding, birth of a child... even a divorce... before you can be happy. BUT is that happiness or just living for some day, not TO-day.

  • That Just Doesn't Happen Anymore...

    Sure, you and I might turn 40, but a radio station... celebrating 40 years of consistency in news, weather, country music and love of community? It's a very rare thing, to be sure.

  • Pinterest CRAZY!

    Been playing with Pinterest... actually, I set up my account AGES ago, but then I got a little frustrated with it and so I gave it up. Well.... my niece is big and pregnant and sitting at home pinning stuff all over the place and so I thought I'd give it another try. And ya know what? I think I've kinda got it figured out! I just go to other people's boards and steal their stuff! Simple, I can do that!

  • Eating out...

    I am one of those people that almost NEVER goes out to eat... I cook dinner every night and take my lunch to work every day. It's kind of a necessity when you are feeding teenage boys cause you can't afford to take them out to eat and still pay the bills! AND, it's much healthier, especially if you cook everything from scratch and don't use pre-packaged, processed foods, which is what I try to do.

  • My Sister Adventure!

  • Okay... I think it's time...

    I have been more than patient... and I'll admit, I am NOT a patient person. At first, I tried the attitude... "this too, shall pass"... and it hasn't. Then, I thought... well, at least the humidity is low, so it's not too bad... NOT. Oh, and "at least I don't have to nag the boys to mow the yard"... well, that doesn't fly cause the weeds are still growing! And now? Well, I'm just a little fed up and I think it's time for some drastic action.

  • Dessert for Breakfast??? I'm in!

    I don't usually go for the "sounds too good to be true" stories, BUT, this one might be worth a look-see! Researchers have found that adding dessert at the end of a protein rich breakfast can actually help you LOSE weight. In the study, two groups of overweight and obese people went on diets where they ate the same number of calories every day, BUT one group ate a modest breakfast and the other group went all out with a high-calorie (600), high-carb (60 grams), high-protein (45 grams) meal that included a DESSERT!!! Something like cottage cheese and eggs on whole grain toast, 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt PLUS a fudge brownie! In the end, the dessert group actually lost 38 more pounds per person than the no dessert group!

  • 20 minute workout that works... Really?

    We all have trouble finding the time to be healthy, right? And excersize is usually the first thing we put off when we are short of time. I know, I've been a single mom of two boys for 11 years now and it is TOUGH to find time for me. Then, I found a workout that I think really does work... it makes perfect sense and I can fit it into my schedule. I have reccommended this to all my friends... most think it's too good to be true, but, if you do try it, I think you'll find it works. Here's the basic info:

  • It's a Parade!!!

    Hard to believe, I know, but I'm about to do something I've never done before... be a judge for a parade! It's the 22nd Annual Old Fashion 4th of July Parade and Celebration! A friend of mine is on the board and asked if I would be a judge... there are pastries involved... and so I said YES! It really sounds like a fun time, but am I qualified? I mean, how do people judge those things? I'm just hoping there's some sort of manual involved...

  • It's a Retro Thing...

    Lately, I've found myself complaining that there is nothing to watch on TV... it's all reruns!!! Then I remember that I cancelled cable... then I cancelled satellite... then I bought antennae for my televisions and now I can only get network TV. Kinda like BEFORE cable? Do you remember that? Back when there was only ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS and you HAD to have a big old antennae attached to your roof... or in your attic... to watch TV? Well, now, you get TEN channels! It ain't so bad... and the picture's a whole lot better than it was before digital feeds.

  • Concerts, concerts, concerts!!!

    Wow... it seemed like we went years without any major concerts in the Springfield area and now? The country stars are coming out of the woodwork and showing up at our front door! Thanks to the new JQH Arena, we've managed to attract some of the bigger stars, beginning with Carrie Underwood a couple years ago... guess she had so much fun she's coming back this October! Alan Jackson, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Lady A... and the list goes on...

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