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Meet Macy from Ozark

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Macy's story as told by her Mom...

After 8 months of having a healthy, loveable, and enjoyable baby, I had to find a way to live with the fact that Macy’s Daddy was being called to serve our country in IRAC. The time of war in our lives that I NEVER thought, as a wife, I would have to face. Knowing my husband Brian and his sincere dedication to our country and his loyalty to the National Guard, this was something he has trained for and nothing would make him prouder than fulfilling the mission to preserve peace in our country. I never thought as a wife or mom that I would have to say goodbye and farewell to someone I loved the most and to witness three children having to let go of their Daddy for a Year. It was time for me to step up and be strong and continue our family traditions. Goodbyes are hard to do but a goodbye to my grandfather was harder to accept, as that also happened at that same time.

I took Macy and her sister Madison to the doctor for a snotty, runny nose to make sure we were all well enough to make their great-grampa’s funeral. A runny nose turned into my detecting a lump popping out of Macy’s side. That was not what we were at the doctor’s office for, but a concerned Mom and a diagnosis from the doctor lead to further scans of that area. The news the next day revealed Macy had a tumor of her Kidney. Most people would think they’d just take it out and we’d go on with life. Well, NOT WHEN YOU ARE TOLD IT IS CANCER!!!!! With the shock of that diagnosis, we were ready to sell the house and everything we own to save the life of our daughter. But we didn’t have to…

Macy’s Pediatrician recommended St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. We had no clue what St. Jude was about or even meant. And after driving all night and arriving at St. Jude, we were greeted by the most highly trained individuals a hospital could have… I have never felt such gratitude in my life! Macy was seen that day by so many doctors and nurses… underwent many tests that finally revealed, late that evening, that she had Whilms Tumor (cancer of the kidney). A cancer that was already at stage 4… 5 being the worst… and it had spread to her lung. We couldn’t understand how this could be in an 8 month old, healthy child that hadn’t had any sign of problems!

After 6 months of Chemotherapy and radiation we were relieved to find out her final scans showed that she was cancer free! But then they found another spot in her lung. Relapse is not something we were prepared for. Extensive Chemo and more radiation required us to be in Memphis for 6 months. During that time, St. Jude provided housing, an expense card and anything to make our day easier… GOD BLESS St. Jude. Now, Macy is home and doing well. We go back to St. Jude every 6 months to reveal the greatest news ever. NO SIGN OF CANCER!!!!

We are so thankful to St. Jude for taking our fear away and for allowing our little girl to be with her family forever. We could never have accomplished our mission without St. Jude and you, their supporters. We Love You and Praise you everyday of our life. By the way, we support St. Jude, and everyone that works there… I see the bills come in and because of St. Jude, we are bill free and today, have a beautiful, healthy daughter!!!

Another precious life saved thanks to YOU and St. Jude... if you're not a Partner in Hope, you can become one at any time... see the link at Thank you.

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