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Call me the nosy neighbor...

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And, it's not even MY neighborhood!  At least, not on my street... or even, my subdivision... but I DID drive past this house every day!

There's this house on my way to work, one subdivision over from mine, that has not had it's yard mowed for weeks.  With all the rain we've been getting, you can imagine what that means... weeds and grass up to my waist and vines growing all over the front of the house.  I felt so sorry for the neighbors on either side of this house because they kept their homes looking nice, yards mowed and trimmed.  I even came close a couple times to stopping by, ringing their doorbells and asking just who that neighbor was that wasn't mowing their lawn! 

Well, every morning I would vow to call somebody about this house once I got to work.  Then, a shiny object would distract me and I would forget all about it until I drove past on my way home from work and then it was too late to call anyone.  This is how it went for two or three weeks until I saw some article in the paper about abandoned properties and Ding, ding, ding!!!  I remembered!

I called and was told that Greene county didn't have personnel to send out to the house, but they would send a letter to whoever owned the property and see what that would do.  Needless to say, I wasn't very hopeful, however, I did write down the phone number I had called and vowed to give it to those poor people that lived on either side of this house so they could report it, too.

Now, I guess I was pretty forceful on that phone call or I have some sort of amazing powers of control because the very next morning... it had been mowed!  I felt like dancing up and down the street!!! Look at me, look at me... I made that happen!!!!!

And then it ocurred to me that I had turned into some weird, nosy neighbor... and yep, it probably really wasn't me that got that grass mowed.  That's a scary and very sad thought...

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