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Frightening things happen when the lights go out.

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On Monday morning, after spending the weekend in Dallas and therefore getting no formal workouts in (just the half hour of wondering around Cowboy Stadium looking for my group after the concert was over, if that counts for something) I was determined to get on that treadmill and do a very energetic High Intensity Interval Training!  That means I am running for 40 seconds and walking for 80, repeating this sequence nine more intervals.  It IS the best way I have found to burn calories AND raise my metabolic rate in the least amount of time.

Anyway, I am right smack dab in the middle of the workout when the power goes out!  Lights go off and treadmill stops (luckily I was walking at the time and not running... that would have been disastrous, I'm sure!).  This has NEVER happened before and I'm wondering "what am I gonna do now?"  So, I start walking in circles in my basement hoping that the power would come back on before my heart rate totally slowed down to normal.  After about three minutes I realize that that's not going to happen.  What to do?  I must get my workout in!  I had way too many weekend calories that needed burning!

Then I remember, there IS the great Ozarks outdoors!  Up the stairs and out the front door I run.  I'm just blazing away down the sidewalk trying to guess how long 40 seconds was before I switched to the walking part, waving at neighbors that had come outside and it occurs to me that I have left the house wearing only my shorts and a sports bra.  I know, people dress like that all the time when they go running, but I am NOT like those people.  I am NOT comfortable showing that much of my jiggling skin, PLUS, my sons absolutely freak out when they see me running on my treadmill dressed like that, so I had a pretty good idea what other people might think seeing me.

So, I'd like to apologize to the elderly couple, the young children and the dogs (and their walkers) for the fright you must have experienced Monday morning.  On a positive note, the elevated heart rates they experienced was probably beneficial as well.

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