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An Amazing Once In A Lifetime Experience

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Yes, I was there.  Everybody is talking about George Strait's final concert and YES, I WAS THERE!!!  I'm still trying to believe that I got to see history being made.  Amazing!

The A T & T Stadium is so huge... almost 105 THOUSAND people were inside that stadium.  Imagine two-thirds of the population of Springfield inside a single building... and I was one of those people!  I just kept looking at those 8 levels of seating and trying to spot even one empty seat.  They were all full.

George's stage was in the middle and as usual, George did his show 'in the round'.  His stage rotated all night long (I would have been dizzy) and if it weren't for the biggest Jumbo-tron you've ever seen, I'm sure those people in the top levels would not have been able to tell who was on that stage!  But no matter how far away your seat might have been, it was still a priviledge to be in that place at that time.  Our seats were one level up from the floor, so they were pretty good, but that jumb-tron made me feel like I was in the front row.

The King played for over three hours.  He'd sing a couple songs, then a friend (Vince Gill, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and Sheryl Crow... oh and his son Bubba, too!) would come up and sing another two songs with him.  That's the way it went all evening.  And when he and Alan Jackson sang "Murder On Music Row", I just cried like a baby.  

Oh, and his friends didn't just sing a couple songs and then jet off to some other concert, they stayed till the very end and EVERYBODY came back out to do the encore... and then the cowboy rode away... and I sobbed!  As George left the stage for the final time he took a few steps down the stairs, stopped, turned around and then came back up to the stage and threw his hat into the crowd!!! I don't know who caught it, but that's one lucky fan.

It was an incredible night and I am so thankful I got to be there.



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