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Who thinks we're killing our planet?

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 The latest?  Baseball size hail in Nebraska and Iowa... tornados in New Orleans... the last week has been upper 80's to 90's in the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE right here at home!  What's up with that?

I'm not going to get into Global Warming (for those of you who thought the really cold winter totally refuted that theory... I've got another, but I won't go into it).  Anyway, what I will say is that by the looks of things weather related, I don't think our poor planet can take this indefinitely.  

I know our people are having a really tough time just dealing with one natural disaster after another!  Take into consideration not just the cost of repair and rebuilding and feeding the poor souls left without homes, but the increased disease caused by flooding and high winds carrying pollutants into our water and soil and air, AND the loss of human life.  It just seems to be a never-ending stream of destruction.

I know this is really way too serious a topic, but the more I notice the things Mother Nature is doing, the more I think we'd all just be better off not bringing any more children into this world... cause I'm really wondering how much longer it will last AND how much money it will take just to survive.  We may have life, but what kind of quality of life will it be?

Sure, we could ask everyone to recycle, to not pollute the air, water and soil... but just how many are really willing to inconvenience themselves in order to do that?  Yep, it would take change... real change.  I guess I'm just too afraid to hope for that.  


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