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Curly's View

Today, this is hard to believe.

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I know it's television, but when I bring this up to real people, they assure me that this stuff really happened!  Again, "Leave It To Beaver" amuses and delights me, but at the same time, I can't believe the stuff kids got to do and their parents weren't arrested for Child Endangerment or Neglect.

For instance, Mrs. Cleaver is aking everyone where the Beaver is on a Saturday morning because he's just not anywhere to be found... and nobody knows where this 9 year old boy has taken off to -- by himself.  Furthermore, they're just gonna wait until he comes home and ask him!  What?!  

Another time, Beaver and Larry (his best friend) spend the day at the lake, unsupervised, (with their parent's permission, mind you) taking a picnic lunch and going out on the lake in a row boat... again, NO Adults ANYWHERE!!!!  What?! 

These kids just take off walking to who knows where, by themselves, no cell phones, not even a walkie talkie and their parents have no idea where they are or what they're up to until they get home!

Beaver likes to hang around open man holes and wait for the workers to come out... hey, he could fall in there, he's only a little boy!  Oh, and he could be kidnapped or worse because NOBODY knows where he is and NOBODY is watching him!  What?!

There was one episode where Mr. & Mrs. Cleaver left the Beaver at home, all alone, overnight!  He's not even 10 years old!  What?!  Where the heck was Wally?????

Yep, these days those parents would be in deep doo-doo with Child Services, but as I understand it, that used to be normal... and Mrs. Cleaver wore pearls, too!  Man, I was born in the wrong decade!

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