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Homemade Stuff, Does It Work?

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If you've got Facebook, Pinterest or an email account, you've seen the recipes.  Recipes for laundry detergent, bug spray, shower cleaner, teeth whitener and the list goes on.  I am intriqued by these and I admit, I have tried a few.  Some worked, others, did not.

Laundry detergent... one of my favorites!  I've been making my own for a couple years now and it really does get the clothes clean for pennies a load.  I admit, I wasn't crazy about grating that bar of soap... took a long time and my hand got pretty cramped, plus, toting around a five gallon bucket of liquid wasn't much fun.  BUT, a friend sure changed all that!  "Got a 'salad shooter', she asked?"  Yes I did and man, it whips through that bar of soap in about 30 seconds! Then she clued me in on making the ultra-concentrated whipped version using pint jars and a blender.  No more 5 gallon bucket and the detergent looks so good you want to eat it!

Shower cleaner spray (clean shower stuff)... not a fan of this one.  It didn't perform like the real thing and actually, it cost about the same to 'make'.

Dishwasher powder... again, not a fan.  It didn't clean my dishes! (However, I did use it to clean the bathroom sink and tub with!)

But, I won't stop trying these home brews.  In fact, the Weed-B-Gone recipe is making the rounds, so I went out and bought the Epson Salts, vinegar and Dawn... watch out weeds!  I'll let you know how that turns out.  (Maybe it will also keep the ants away?)

Would love to hear how your experiments work, too... 

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