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Cool Facebook Shortcuts!

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Sometimes I get crazy chasing a mouse around the desk... and sometimes I get crazy dealing with the 'mouse' on my laptop.  Let's face it, when computers started out, there was no mouse... I remember... and I still prefer just to use a keyboard.  So imagine my delight when I came across an article about Facebook keyboard shortcuts!!!!  Here's my favorites:

The letter "J" will automatically take you to the next story in your newsfeed.  No more having to scroll down, arrow down or page down (and overshoot the runway, having to backtrack).  

The letter "K" will automatically take you back to the previous story. (Like J, but in reverse)

The letter " L" will automatically "like" the post you are on.

The letter "C" will let you write a comment.

The letter "M" will let you start a message.

I believe there are more, but these are the ones that really make my day.  Have a great weekend!


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