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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

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How many pairs do you really need?

Oh, that's a stupid question, at least to a woman. It's not how many do you need, it's how many do you WANT!  I remember as a kid, we had one pair of dress shoes for church and special occasions (white for spring/summer and then we'd get black or brown for fall/winter) and one pair for school (usually tennis shoes or oxfords).  That took care of all the shoes we needed... and I continued to think that way even after I got to high school.

THEN, I noticed that all the other girls had many more pair of shoes than that!  They had sandles and pumps and assorted platform shoes... loafers and boat shoes, tennis shoes, shoes for gym class... and all of these came in dressy versions and more casual versions.  Oh, and assorted colors to match their 'outfits' too.  Suddenly, shoes became a competition!  

THEN, I hit my 20's and entered the workforce and I needed shoes to match my purse... that's when the shoes became part of an accessory that needed to change daily.  I spent a lot of time matching the shoes to the outfit to the purse and then the jewelry!  It was exhausting!

Somehow, having kids brought the madness to a screeching halt.  I got way too busy being a mom to worry about anything non-essential.  Today?  I'm lucky if I have the right shoes for anything.  And when I do shop for shoes, I am so disappointed in the choices I have.  Shoes today can be downright ugly!  And if they aren't ugly, then they hurt... and boy, are they expensive.  So, how do women end up with a closet full of shoes?  And why?  

I'm thinking that I'll just go back to the two pair of shoes rule... Oh, and go barefoot all summer long!

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