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The Lies People Tell

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Apparently, according to the 'experts'. men lie six times a day and women lie only three times a day. So why and what are we lying about?

If you asked me, I'd swear that I don't lie... in fact, I would say that I am brutally honest... often to the point of being intimidating (that's what the kids around here say).  I just say it's because I've been around here forever, am 'older' than everyone else and I've earned the right to intimidate the youngsters!

Anyway, I guess, according to the 'experts', I do lie on occasion.  Here's what we are supposedly lying about:

1.  I'm fine (when asked how we are)

2.  This old thing? I've had it forever! (when asked, by spouse, when we got an article of clothing they haven't seen before)

3.  Oh, but I got it on sale! (when asked about how much we paid for something)

I'd say from these, I'm only guilty of number one... I don't go shopping!

Guys on the other hand lie about:

1.  I'm fine... (same as the ladies)

2.  This is my last drink (uh huh)

3.  No, that doesn't make you look fat! (good answer)

4.  I'm on the way! (not even near the door)

So, lying, but not exactly deal breaking stuff.  This information is about as useful as a reality show is real!  Thanks, Dr. Phil.

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