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Ce Sera, Sera

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...something I learned from my Mother!  No, I'm not talking about singing, I'm talking about a philosophy for life.  Let me explain...

The last two years of my mom's life were pretty rocky.  She was very ill, in and out of the hospital, undergoing tests and treatments and needless to say, her daughters (all five of us) were pretty worried, frazzled and therefore, bossy.  

Well, my mom just didn't do 'ill', she didn't believe in being sick!  So, whenever confronted by doctors, nurses or her daughters about the seriousness of the situation her response was to burst into song... "Ce Sera, Sera... whatever will be, will be."  We wanted to slap her!  Here we were, worried sick and she was taking it all in stride and singing that stupid song!  We didn't know whethere to laugh or to cry... but we chose to laugh and so did mom.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and mom has been gone for almost eight years now.  Even after that long, I still miss her and remember all the silliness she brought to our lives... and all the funny sayings... (that's another story I'll get to another time).  Anyway, one of the things she loved was having as many of her seven children as possible go to church with her on Mother's Day, so yes, I was in church yesterday, missing my mom... and guess what?  The last song in the service was "Ce Sera, Sera" ...I believe I heard mom laughing!

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