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Showing Off Can Hurt

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Sometimes we all like to prove that 'we've still got it', right?

Saturday was our outside work day at church.  We have a large yard... big enough for the youth to have some really cool camp outs and cook outs and stuff.  Anyway, in years past we had built a Victory Garden... a t-shaped raised bed for growing vegetables.  It was decided that we would take that down and move the dirt to flower beds and landscaping since we had pretty much abandoned the vegetable growing.  Of course, that meant a pretty big mound of hard, compacted dirt to break up and move...

So, while others were trimming hedges, riding a lawn mower or weeding the meditation garden, I decided that I would grab this rake shaped pick ax and break up that dirt so it could be shoveled and moved.  I did a really good job, too... showing off and swinging that ax... breaking up more dirt than anyone else... I am WOMAN... I am STRONG!!!!  People even commented on how strong I was! Swinging and sweating, huffing and puffing...

Well...... now I'm paying for it.  You know how your arm feels after you get a shot?  Mine feel like I had about a dozen shots... in each arm!  Yep, showing off has it's price. Maybe I'll remember that next time.

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