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The Signs of Spring....

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This past weekend I was reminded just what spring is all about... really.

Spring IS my favorite season... the warm temperatures,  the blooming flowers and trees, the sparkling grass after a spring rain, the sound of birds singing... beautiful, right?  Well, not always.

Ted the teenager was out of town this weekend and the lawn needed mowing... bad.  I started up the old (and I really do mean OLD) lawn mower and got to work.  The grass and mostly dead dandelions (that I had tried like the devil to kill off earlier in the week) were so tall and thick that I could barely push the mower through it.  I actually had to restart the mower a couple times because it stalled out in the tall 'greenery'!  Plus, I was being inundated by the little dandelion fuzz as I cut through the field of it... I could barely breathe.

Then I got out the weed-eater... said a prayer that it would not need re-stringing... and trimmed the driveway and sidewalk, (my prayers were answered BTW)... then I swept said driveway and sidewalk.  Needless to say, I was exhausted... however, that was only the front yard... oops. (I decided to save the backyard for the teenager.)

Next, the thunderstorms started... and tornado warnings... and the thought of gentle spring rains became an anxiety laced evening.  And that drove the birds to take refuge in my dryer vent!  My 2nd story, 12 foot long dryer vent!  So this morning I'm out on my six foot step ladder digging birds nests out of my vent and then taping it up to keep them out.   TWICE!!!

I'm rethinking this whole "Spring is my favorite season" thing...

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