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Just How DO you Un-Friend a Friend?

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Better question, "WHY did you say Yes in the first place?"

It amazes me how many people want to be my friend!  I use to think, "how nice, I remember that person" and so I'd say Yes to the request. THEN, the postings would start... and suddenly, I'm inundated with senseless garbage, stupid videos, updates on every bite they take and every silly thought they think... and I realize, "I really DON'T know that person at all".  Or, worse yet, "I really don't WANT to know that person."

BUT, if I un-friend them, will they know?  I could just block them from my news-feed.  And I have done that.  Now, I can unfollow them, and I've done that.  BUT, do they know?  Will they hate me?   These are the questions we ask ourselves and we really shouldn't care because these people are NOT our friends, anyway!  We just need to feel loved and so we get as many friends as possible to prove that we are loved!

Oh, and if someone un-friends me?  WHAT HAVE I DONE??????  I love Facebook, but, I'm afraid it just gives me something else to worry about... Geez!

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