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I really hate my lawn.

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I've fought with it for 20 summers now... and it's winning!

The house I lived in before this one was in an older neighborhood with established lawns.  There was actually more than an inch of topsoil under that grass!  I'm sure there were weeds, but I didn't stress because it was all pretty.

Then I moved to a new neighborhood... meaning one that was just being developed... into a brand new house and I swear, they planted the grass on an inch of topsoil over clay.  After a couple years, I had that mess killed and more topsoil brought in, sod laid down and proceeded to water, water, water.  I hired a lawn company that came and treated the lawn with weedkillers, and turf builders and they aerated... the whole bit.  AND, I watered...  It was exhausting!  And the lawn still looked like crap.

So, I bought zoysia plugs and the boys and I spent a couple days doing the back breaking work of planting those... and then I watered.  Good thing about zoysia, it doesn't need much water and it really likes hot temperatures and so we got along pretty well for a few years.  THEN, came the drought... there was no amount of watering (that I could afford) that was gonna save that lawn!

And now?  Dandelions and those weird upside down cone shaped purple things are what I have left.  The other day, the Tru-Green Chem guy knocked on my door.  My response?  "I'm not going to water it so save your breath."  He ran away rather swiftly.

This year's plan?  Spraying Weed-B-Gone and then mowing whatever is left.  Oh, and moving into an apartment at my first opportunity...

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