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My behind is gonna kill me?

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Man, I work hard to do everything I can to be healthy, but now I hear it could all be for nothing because of my backside?

Here's what Dr. Oz says: "Prolonged sitting, it turns out, flips biochemical switches inside muscle cells that boost your odds for heart failure, up your risk for fatal heart disease by 27 percent , and fatal cancers by 21 percent -- even if you exercise regularly."

That's right!  Even if you exercise regularly, if you sit for long periods of time, either at work or in front of the tv, it's all for nothing!!!!  Now I'm starting to worry about not only me, but my oldest son who sits for hours at a time playing video games.  I know I can make myself get up and move, but he's a grown man and not exactly living at home anymore. (Not that me hitting him with a fly swatter would do the trick anyway).

Well, guess I'll start with me.  Every half hour, I'll be getting up from my desk... or out of my recliner... and doing something for a couple minutes.  That's what they say will cure this 'sitting disease'.  So... excuse me, I have to go walk up the stairs and check my mail box.  

"Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around...." get moving!

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