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I'm thinking I'll go on a fast.

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Not from food, though.

When my boys were in grade school, their 4th grade teacher would put the class on a television fast... she called it "No TV Week."  Of course, when they had to go without television, that meant the whole family had to go without it, too.  Oh, and no tv also meant no video games and no computer, too.  Anything that had you staring at a square box was off limits.

For a whole week, we had to actually talk, or play games, or play outside, or build something, or read a book... it was MURDER!  At least for the first couple of days... and then, it was kinda nice.  We really did reconnect and find ways to be together, or alone, without having some technology tell us what to do and what to think.   

Lately, I've been trying to keep up with all the television shows that I like... I'm constantly watching one channel while recording another.  The backlog of recordings is becoming a problem.  I seem to be constantly sitting, watching that box in the corner of the living room... and when I stop to think how I must look, just sitting there staring at that thing all evening... well, it makes me sad.

SO... send me back to 4th Grade... it's time for the human contact people lesson that I seem to have forgotten.  

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