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Remember those 40 bags?

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I don't know if I've filled 40, but I've sure gotten to know the fine folks at Complete Electronic Recycling!

I just hate the thought of filling up the landfill with junk, so I've made at least three trips over to the Electronic Recycling Center.  It is amazing how much electronic waste a person accumulates in 20 years.  Old computers, cell phones, VCR's, speakers, turntables, even old-fashioned stereos.  Plus, these fine folks recycle metals and so I got to drop off a couple metal chairs that had been broken and sitting in a storage room for a decade!

I'm getting a little recycle happy... the boys have to watch me or I'll load up everything in the house and haul it over there!  I've been eyeing those old computer game consoles that are cluttering up another area of my basement... oh, and some old car stereo parts that somebody doesn't want me to touch.

With every load of stuff taken out of my house, I'm feeling lighter and lighter.  I'm starting to imagine my house free of anything that doesn't work or doesn't belong to ME!  I think I've got Empty Nest Fever.

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