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I'm buying stock in Arm & Hammer.

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If finding uses for baking soda is eco-friendly, then I believe I've turned greener than I could ever have imagined.

Sure, I use baking soda to bake with... I've also been known to put an open box in my refrigerator to neutralize odors, however, I've noticed lately that I have been getting a little baking soda happy!  Just this morning I:

1.  brushed my teeth with baking soda (after my coconut oil pulling... that's another story)

2.  I mixed baking soda with my shampoo to wash my hair... (supposed to make it cleaner, but not stripped of oils... something like that)

3.  used baking soda mixed with my facial cleanser to exfoliate my face

4.  used baking soda to clean the bathroom sink... (it works beautifully for that) and then,

5. used baking soda to scrub the bottom of the shower, too!

All that in the span of just an hour!  And I didn't even realize I was doing it until I noticed how many times I had gone to the cabinet to get out the box of Arm & Hammer!  

So, either I am a big mean, green machine... or I'm just cheap. :)

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