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So, how was your vacation????

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Followed by, "did you go anywhere?"  Call me over-sensitive, but for the umpteenth time, it was fine... and NO!  

I think I actually left the house three times and all three times I had to get more food to feed my sons!  The rest of the time was spent in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes.

You guessed it... spring break for my oldest who hadn't gotten a home-cooked meal in several weeks and so yes, I felt the need to feed him home-made meals with VEGATABLES!  I think he ate more vegatables in the first meal than he has consumed in the last two months.  And of course I had stocked up on his favorite fruits to try to keep him out of the junk food.  (A mother just never stops worrying about what her kids are eating.)

I cooked a 12 pound turkey and we managed to eat it all in about 3 days... turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches, turkey and dumplings, chopped turkey with pesto linquine.  I made fried chicken, stir-fry chicken and veggies, home-made beef vegatable soup.  Heck, I just made stuff UP!  Didn't matter, that boy loved every bite!  Yes, I sent back leftovers, fruit and even canned soup.

I also cleaned out a couple bedrooms and closets, cleaned out the front flower bed and the garden, deep vacuumed the whole house, dusted, hauled a truckload of electronic junk to be recycled and even patched a couple pair of jeans.  

I probably forgot a couple things but one thing I DO know, I'm glad to be back at work so I can get some rest!

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