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How to get the weeds out?

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How DO you make those pesky things go away without using nasty chemicals?

It's basically spring and next week I am on vacation (meaning I am staying home for a week... REAL vacations cost money!) and so I thought it might be time to play in the dirt.  Problem is, last year the weeds really wrecked my garden.  I didn't have this problem in previous years... at least not this bad.  It's probably because weeds have taken over my yard and when my son mows, he blows grass clippings into my garden... can't seem to get him to change direction around the garden... may have to withhold food...

Anyway, I digress, this year I want to try again, but I don't want the weeds and I DON'T want to use chemicals to kill weeds.  So, I've been looking at these nifty ideas I see people post on Facebook.  Planting a garden inside a 2 cu. bag of potting soil... placed on top of rails between saw horses.  Or, using a wooden pallet to plant in... letting those slats keep out some of the weeds.

That got me thinking... how about making rows using newspapers?  And leaving just enough bare soil to plant your seeds and/or plants in?  My cousin tells me that should keep out the weeds and the newspaper will just disintegrate into the soil.  I'm thinking I may try that one.  

Any better ideas?


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