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Like my mother and grandmother before me.

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I have learned the valuable lesson that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

When I was a child I thought it was really neat that everytime we went to see my grandmother there was a chocolate cream pie waiting to be eaten.  How did that happen, I wondered?  Well, as my older siblings later informed me, Grandma Clark knew that was Dad's favorite pie and so whenever he had been remiss in visiting her, she would play the chocolate cream pie card and away we'd all go to see Grandma. 

As I got a little older and it was just me and Mom at home, I noticed that whenever Mom had a batch of homemade bread in the oven... or homemade cinnamin rolls... suddenly, we got lots of company... Usually in the form of one of my brothers or brothers-in-law.

Well, that pattern seems to be repeating itself at my house now.  Do I want to see my sons?  Cook!  It's just that simple.  Doesn't mean they'll hang around long, BUT, they will come home long enough to eat... and great quantities at that, before heading out the door.  Heck, Ted will come home just to ask me to cook for him.

So cooking for our children may be how we show our love for them, but it's also a way to extract a little of theirs for us, too!  Now, if they'd just do the dishes.

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