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Can't believe it's been that long...

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I originally met Jason Aldean just as his first single, "Hicktown", was being played on the radio.  At the time, he was booked to play at Midnight Rodeo and my boss asked if I would PLEASE pick this new guy up at the Rodeo and drive him and his band over to PFI for a fan meet n greet, hang around, and then drive him back to the Rodeo for his show that night.  Well... it was an imposition, but of course, I agreed.  

Back then, nobody knew Jason was, so there weren't any crowds to fight or girls to fight off, he was just another new artist with a song on the radio.  I remember the crowd for the meet n greet wasn't very big.  I also remember that since nobody was chasing him down like they do now, he felt perfectly at ease doing a little shopping at PFI... I think he found a hat he liked.

The next time I saw him was at the Shrine Mosque... he was a little more famous by then and so he had a 'real' meet n greet where everybody had to wait in line and then gets about 30 seconds to pose for a picture and maybe an autograph.

Then, he was back in Springfield, this time at JQH in 2010... bigger crowd, bigger concert and I let Cash have my meet n greet pass because I'd already met Jason....  and last night?  Well, it was sold out and VERY crowded and the meet n greet was totally crazy and this time, I got to spend quality time backstage with just Jason, Cash, Mr. Mark, Nancy Simpson and me.

Guess I've come full circle with Mr. Aldean... Oh, and neither of us have aged, huh? (Lie to me!)



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