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Everything IS better with Cheese!

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On Wednesdays I always rush to the grocery store sale ads and this week I struck GOLD!!!  Cheese gold that is... it's BOGO!!!!

I truly do believe so many things are MUCH better with cheese.  I love it sprinkled on my soups, used in tacos, burritos, quesidillas (did I spell that right?) and I dearly love grilled chees sandwiches... I put it on my spaghetti, I make homemade pizzas and if nothing else, I put slices of cheddar or provolone on whole wheat crackers, microwave it a few seconds and YUM! instant Heaven!

I love cheese so much that when I see a sale like this one... BOGO... I end up buying 10 or 12 bags, slices and blocks of cheese... there's no such thing as too much cheese!  And you can freeze it so it lasts a lot longer.   If I've got cheese, I've got dinner!

Oh... and double score this week... avacados are on sale, too!  Guess everybody's happy because this Momma's ecstatic!

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