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Sometimes I just need a good laugh...

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 My kids say I watch too many crime shows on television.  Granted, my list of "programs" tends to lean toward the CSI's, NCIS's, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, etc., and so, I think they may be right!  Some evenings, I realize that I have gotten myself all worked up and it's all because of those silly television shows!  I go to sleep and dream about the bad stuff, I see bad guys everywhere I look and I worry about stuff that is absolutely not happening to me right now!

Well, this weekend I watched something that just made me laugh.  "Last Vegas"... starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro and Kevin Kline... (when did they all get so old!) about four friends in their late 60's that go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party.  I rented it thinking it might be kinda cute, but as I watched it, it made me laugh out loud!  It wasn't a particularly great movie, but it had no violence, not much (if any) use of the "F" word, and nobody was in danger!  I had absolutely no anxiety while watching it.  And, I laughed out loud!

Anyway, I thought that was something... no anxiety and a good belly laugh.  In today's scary world, I don't know why we feel the need to watch stuff that makes it seem even more scary.  So, I reccommend "Last Vegas"... or the television sitcom, "Mom"... that makes me laugh, too... (so glad I'm not her!)

No matter what, get that laugh every now and then... and I'm gonna try to turn off the television a little earlier myself!


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