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WARNING: may cause....

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... obesity, diabetes and tooth decay!

It's true, California is now considering mandating warning lables for sugar sweetened drinks.  Much like the warning labels on cigarettes, manufacturers of sugared beverages that contained 75 or more calories in every 12 ounces would have to bare a warning label.  Hmmmm... I see the logic in that.

They say you can't fix stupid, that's why we have warning labels on things like hair dryers... don't use when in the bathtub; McDonald's coffee... liquid is very hot; plastic bags... don't let children play with them... and the list goes on.  Most of us think these are common sense warnings, but  apparently there are people that aren't bright enough to consider the consequences of their actions.

When you look at the rates of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, maybe there are people that don't understand that sugar contributes to those conditions and need to be warned!  Plus, now they are saying that sugar is as addictive as heroin, so maybe we need to consider just how dangerous this 'sweet pleasure' is.  

Bottom line:  when you add addiction and health threats to a substance that has been innocently used daily by every single one of us, that kind of sounds like the wake up call we got on tobacco use so many years ago.  It was a wake up call for millions of people that up to that point, had considered cigarettes just a part of life... everybody did it.  

I'm thinking California is on the right track.... hope they don't get derailed.


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