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I'm amazed that I'm still alive...

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... by now I should have died, or at least be hospitalized!

I just read an article about germ hot spots and I totally live right in the middle of them!

#1. Work... in particular, your DESK.  It talks about the desk and computer and phone teaming with millions of germs.  Oh, and you're not supposed to eat in front of your keyboard, either.  Where am I supposed to eat my lunch, huh?  Oh, and the breakroom refrigerator door.  Not supposed to be touching that, either.  Well, how am I supposed to get my lunch out to eat at my desk, huh?

#2. Public restrooms... in particular, the sinks and hand dryers.  These are notorious for spreading the worst germs... well, how am I supposed to wash the germs off my hands, huh?  Oh, and don't touch any door knobs on your way out of the bathroom, either... just spend the day in there, right?  Or at least until the next poor fool comes in to get germed up for the day and then you yell, "hold the door!"

#3. Bank ATM's... just crazy covered with germs... and money?  That stuff is gonna kill you based on the germs that are living all over those dollar bills!  (Well, maybe I don't have to worry about this one since I never have money, so I never go to the ATM or touch it.... poverty is a beautiful thing).

So, once again, WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!  I'm just getting tired of dodging all these bullets. 

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