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Why Bad? Why not Good?

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I know I'm not two years old anymore, but I still have to ask Why?

In this world of technology, where everyone does all their work, all their play, and all their communication on some piece of technology that is invariably connected to the internet, we have all become dependent on these little square (or sometimes very large) boxes that we stare into all day and into the night.  We use them not only for work and play, but for taking care of personal business, too, like banking, buying and taxes. And, how terribly easy it has become for people with not very nice intentions to find a way to 'hack' into our lives and steal whatever they want!  OR, at the very least, to just mess around with our lives and send them into upheaval just for the fun of it. 

This fact has made me ask the question... and I know it's not a new question... WHY?  Why do these incredibly smart and amazing minds choose to use them for bad and not good?  Can you imagine the kind of good that could be done with that much intelligence and critical thinking?  We might have enough food, clean water, fuel, the cure for cancer, heck even World Peace would be possible!

I know, I'm reaching for the moon, here, but since we can't physically grab all these mean, greedy people and shake them till they straighten up, I'm gonna invite you to pray with me for them.  Maybe if we surround them with the Light of Good, even in our own minds, they will stop this madness all on their own.

Can't hurt, right?  Let's go...

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