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Thanks METV!

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I have discovered the antiidote to depression... and it's FREE!

I have also discovered the cause of depression... bad news!  Everywhere we look, the news is bad, scary, depressing.  

The weather... brutal cold, incredible snow storms, hurricanes, heat waves and on and on and on.

Crime... statistics show an increase in murder, rape, burglaries, and on and on and on.

Inflation... gas prices, electricity, propane and natural gas, food, home mortgages... shall I go on?

You can't turn on the television or radio without hearing how we are all suffering and quite frankly, I can't take it anymore!  I was getting so crazy that I refused to turn on the radio or TV in the morning for fear of starting my day with High Anxiety!

But then, along came METV... what's that, you ask?  It stands for "Memorable Entertainment Television" and if you have a simple antennae instead of cable or satellite, you know exactly what I'm talking about cause WE got it first!  They show a fantastic lineup of old, classic television shows.  Shows from my childhood... heck, shows from our parents' childhoods!  I never actually watched "Leave It To Beaver" before, but now I do!  Every morning it's on for a full hour!  I just love it!  Mr. Cleaver has all the right parenting advice.  In fact, he totally practices "Parenting With Love and Logic"... (the authors of that book must have grown up on the Beave). And everybody dresses so nice!  And they are polite!  And the worst thing that happens is that Eddie Haskell plays dirty tricks on Wally and the Beaver, but he always gets caught and justice is served.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  There's Mary Tyler Moore, The Brady Bunch, Star Trek, Perry Mason, and a slew of old westerns... the list goes on and on and on!  (thank God).

So, if you're letting today's world depress you, forget the pills, just immerse yourself in METV... head back to a gentler, simpler time.  For me, it's made a world of difference!


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