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DIY... I can DO it!

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 Well, I'll probably need a little help.

My house is 21 years old and yes, things are kinda not working all the time like they used to.  For literally years, the fluorescent overhead light in my kitchen has been, shall we say, finnicky?  In the heat and humidity of summer, it would sometimes not want to come on.  I would have to mess with the switch, yell at it and then the light would finally come on.  This only happened on really hot, really humid days.

A month or so ago, in the middle of a very COLD and DRY day, the light refused to even TRY to come on!  Not even a flicker.  So... I figured we had finally burned out those 20 year old bulbs.  I bought new ones, put them in, flipped the switch and NOTHING!  Now what?  Call the neighbor, that's what!

Thank goodness for Neighbor Joe.  He'd already help me replace another light fixture a few years back so I knew he'd know just what to do.  First step?  Go buy a new fixture.  Step 2, call him back and he'll come over and instruct ME on how to replace it.  This is how he operates.  He is always happy to help, but that means he tells ME how to fix it... and I get another DIY lesson!

Now then, I just have to complete Step One and we'll be on our way.  Oh, and I'm gonna make my son Ted be on hand to learn from Neighbor Joe as well.  Who knows, I may just retire from DIY and let Ted be the expert... that's a lofty goal, I know, but I can DO it!

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