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Redbox, here I come!

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Or, it could be Family Video... we'll see.

So, it's an exciting weekend for MANY folks... football fans or not, right?  I mean,  even if you don't actually watch the game, you still enjoy the food, the commercials, half time, etc..  So many parts of the game to enjoy, especially if you are invited to a party!!!

Even my oldest son will probably go to a Super Bowl party on Sunday, whether he really wants to or not... he is NOT a football fan.  My youngest son has already got big plans for the event and is probably planning what he's gonna wear for the occasion.

It used to be the same for me.  If I wasn't invited to a party, I have been known to invite folks to my house to watch the big game.  BUT, ever since the world passed me by with those big honkin' televisions, I don't bother to invite anyone over to watch ANYTHING... the ridicule is just too much!

So... unless an invitation arrives, I will most likely be on my own for the Big Game.  I may just eat some nachos, or make some killer guacamole, BUT I probably won't watch the least not until half time if the show is worth it.  Yep, it's gonna be just me, my 29 year old televeision and a rented movie!

What's that?  Do I hear a violin???????  Sniffling????? There, there.

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