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Old cars... volume three

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We've all been 'enjoying' the lovely brisk weather that has enveloped the Ozarks - on and off - the past several weeks, right?  If you think that continuously changing temperature is wreaking havoc with your sinuses, it's not playing nice with vehicles, either!

My oldest car... the '91 Honda Civic wagon, driven by the 18 year old... has been letting us know when the weather is just too darn cold.  Don't get me wrong, that crazy car starts right up, every time!  Which, I find amazing in sub zero wind chills.  What is weird, though, is once the temperature gets down to around 10 degrees, the key refuses to come out of the ignition.  It stays in there until the thermometer moves back into the 30's.... THEN, it comes out.

Needless to say, that makes locking up the car a little difficult!  I've had to rescue the boy a couple times now because he has been forced to lock the keys in the vehicle.  I have an extra key, so I go unlock his door, he drives home, puts the car in the garage and when it warms up, the key comes out... why, I'll never know.

So, we tried spraying the ignition with silicone... that helped a little, but then, the key wouldn't budge once the wind chill hit temps below zero again.  Now, I'm googling "key stuck in ignition" to find solutions.  I am happy to report that this is not a symptom of a bad ignition switch, however, it could be a 'dirty' connection... or, we should just try putting the car in reverse, then moving it to 3rd and then slamming it into Park to make that key come out!  I think we'll try that last one first.... oh, and say a little prayer to Maxine, the Guardian Angel of Old Cars.

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